Creative Personnel Skills Services Sdn. Bhd., in short CPSS, is a Training and Consultancy Organisation. It was formed almost a decade ago to provide the empowering services of training and development that will bring about positive changes to the individual and to the company.

CPSS enjoys the inputs of a high-calibre Council of Advisors:

  • Professor Dato Dr Wan Rafaei Abdul Rahman (Professor in Psychology, IIU)
  • Professor Dr Sudin Haron (Professor in Banking, UUM)
  • Datin Dr Siti Maimon Hj Kamso (Professor in Strategic Management: UMS & UUM)
  • Mr. Kanthakumar Ramasamy (Master in Education: Psychology)
  • Mr. Lim Sim Beow (Master in Arts: Psychology)
  • Mr. Kang Eng Soo (Bachelor of Social Sciences)
  • Ms. Ong Eng Eng (Bachelor of Education: Counselling)

CPSS has been continuously gaining international and national recognition and has cross-cultural experiences spanning over 20 years in the development of people across diverse groups ranging from youths, women and adults; government, NGO and corporate bodies.

CPSS has rendered extensive services at local, national and international levels covering Asia and Middle East and is actively involved in corporate social responsibility projects such as Literacy Development to Natives and Youth Leadership Mentoring to Orphanages.

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