Young Leaders International is a leadership education program based on the proven effective concept of "TOTAL APPROACH, WHOLESOME METHOD".

A TOTAL APPROACH putting learning into practice: A WHOLESOME METHOD creatively knitting together components such as:

1. Leadership Training Workshops
2. Service Projects
3. Open Dialogues
4. Performing & Creative Arts
5. Peer Counselling Support


Throughout the years our activities and profile have been frequently covered by major dailies, such as below:

1. Program to Equip Youth with Skills

2. Training to Motivate

3. Focusing on the Positive

4. Methods to Solve Disputes

5. Managing Crisis through Capacity-Building

6. A Telling Need for Positive Attitudes

7. Let Me Help You

8. Bimbing Belia Berjiwa Dinamik

9. Feeling Depressed? Talk to Someone

10. Effective Management Virtues

11. Shouldering the Burden of Poverty

12. Applying A Factor

13. Counselling Benefits Employees

14. Global Values for the 21st Century

15. Management and the Art of Listening

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