YOUNG LEADERS INTERNATIONAL is a serious commitment of Creative Personnel Skills Services (CPSS) to build young people on becoming dynamic leaders. The immediate aim is to bring the academic and working worlds closer together so that all youths will be able to effectively choose and grow in the right career. Over and above this, is the noble aim of bridging the gap between the fortunate and less fortunate youths that the latter will be on par to also gain excellence in values and skills education. These aims are strongly supported by our patron, Datin Tina Ali.

The need for dynamic leadership is glaring as young people all over the world generally lack a clear sense of direction and skills to cope with work and life challenges. Even graduates find themselves “not marketable” for they do not possess effective interpersonal skills, lack the willingness to walk the extra mile and find it hard to adapt to the working environment.

The root cause lies in the absence of values & skills-based leadership education. Hence, youths including graduates need to be quickly trained, coached and counselled in the programs found under the YOUNG LEADERS INTERNATIONAL initiative.

The Patron

Our distinguished Patron is YB Datin Tina Ali, wife of Datuk Ali Abdul Kadir, former Chairman of Securities Commission, Malaysia.

Datin Tina heads the Malaysian Charity Draw which has successfully raised millions for charitable organizations.

We are honored to receive her valuable contributions as a strong supporter for the compassionate aims of YLI. Indeed, she has a big heart for the underprivileged ones.

The Founder

The founder, Ms Ong Eng Eng, is an experienced counsellor, trainer, educator and is actively involved in social development. She has touched over 1000 lives from youths, families and corporate staff in Malaysia and overseas.

Eng Eng enjoys working with people especially in capability-building. Many arose to higher leadership capacities. Among those who have been empowered are the Asli youths, urban teens, undergraduates, underprivileged groups and the corporate management.

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