What is Young Leaders International?

Young Leaders International (YLI) is an amazing community, bringing together fortunate and less fortunate youths to become a FUN FAMILY. YLI aims to groom youths to be dynamic leaders by bridging the gaps between:

  • Academic World and Working World
  • Privileged and Underprivileged Youths

How Do You Benefit?

  • Youths will become a happy and well-balanced person through our wholesome program embracing all the 4 SEAS of Excellence namely the Spiritual, Emotional, Academic and Social Excellence.
  • Hands-on projects with amazing leadership experiences to shine in leadership character and skills.
  • Free E-Counselling, YLI T-Shirt, Membership Card and E-Update on YLI Activities.
  • For a good cause too. Part of proceeds goes to subsidizing their underprivileged peers for this Leadership Program.

How to Enrol?

Annual membership is now open for youths aged 13 years & above. Contact -- 019-230 3183 or 012-653 5307

What do We Get?


1. “What’s Happening Around Us?” Part I (17 Nov 07)

Create Awareness on the Alarming Social Problems among the Youths such as Aids/Hiv, Drugs, Rape, Suicide, Gangsterism and the Negative Consequences.

2. “What’s Happening Around Us?” Part II (24 Nov 07)

Adult-Youth Forum to Discuss the Causes and Solutions to the Youth Problems.

3. “Principle-Centred Leadership” (7-11 Dec 07)

Learn the Key Principles of World-Class Leaders. Be Inspired to be a Global Leader. Global Leaders first Serve and then Lead. Experience a Hands-On Service living, sharing, caring and bonding with many youths from the Orphanage. 5-Day Camp. Guaranteed to be an Amazing Life- Changing Event!

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