On 15 January 2006, nine youths met at MPH Bookstores at the Curve Shopping Mall to execute a very important assignment. All are members of the Young Leaders international.

Our team spirit was high. Enthusiasm was our name…...Li Chuen, Jun Hoe, Jun Lin, Ken Yang, Min Li, Yee Sook, Yee Er, Jian Hon, Swea Ching and Swea Phin were determined to complete what we set out to do. We were to distribute about 500 flyers to let everyone know about our upcoming event “It’s really OK to be Me”

Our first target area was the Curve but after bravely talking to a few shoppers, we were told by the security personnel that we had to have a formal approval. Undaunted, we proceeded to the next point … the basement carpark, thinking that it would be out of the watchful eyes.

The carpark was stuffy and despite feeling sweaty, we energetically covered many cars. Then we saw the guard! Adrenalin started pumping hard…. He looked fierce. He signaled us to stop "decorating" the windscreen of cars. He indicated to take back all our flyers. But we meekly dashed out from the carpark into the arms of the cool refreshing air-conditioned upper floor. We just laughed and laughed at the awkward moment encountered just now and how silly it seemed.

Seeing that we still had a pretty handful of flyers left, Jun Hoe very ingeniously sought to ask permission from the MPH Management. We were rewarded with the approval of being able to distribute them just at the entrance of the MPH. Later, Yee Sook and Ken Yang even volunteered to distribute the leftover flyers in their schools.

What a wacky experience for us youngsters. We learnt to be thick-skinned, focused, ingenious and how to run real fast! Good experience, indeed. Kudos to our “can-do and will-do” attitude!

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