The Young Leaders International (YLI) organized yet another meaningful activity at MPH, Mid Valley on 14th of March 2006. Yesterday, YLI held a Parents Dialogue for parents to air out their challenges in parenting teens and the scary times of present environment and technology that their kids were exposed to. Apparently, they came out relieved because they were clear about the solutions.

Today, we youngsters, about 20 of us, felt respected because our views were sought too like what youths wanted to talk about, things that we normally wouldn’t open up to adults. Initially, everyone was looking at every one, pretty shy to speak out. After gentle probing and encouragement, we kind of rattled off. Yeah, you guessed it right...... boy-girl stuff, homosexuals, sex education, drugs etc.

We played a game called " The SMS Game" to know each other. After this, Auntie Eng Eng briefed on YLI and its value especially for newcomers. The older members of YLI then presented to the new ones all the previous workshops.

For the next activity, we paired up with someone we thought we knew well. Each pair was given a sheet of paper to write their favorite hobby. They were not allowed to let the partner see what it was. We discovered that many of us did not really know our friends very well. So if we were friends, then we should explore more meaningfully.

At the end, everyone enjoyed themselves very much. Many of the youths there were very eager to participate in future workshops.

Reported by Shermaine Chong Shu Mae & Brandon David Warren

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