I have been in Young Leaders International (YLI) since last December 2005 and is one of the "old" members. Today I have the honor of covering this month's activity "How to handle stress." and let's face it everyone have stresses. Babies are probably the only ones without them, then again, none of us actually remember our babyhood.

Soon we found ourselves trudging through a evil muddy swamp called stress to find its source and trust me, it wasn't easy. We found symptoms, ha the swamp rats, that we could relate to ourselves. We wrote down our deep dark secret ie our problems. Writing down our problem was part of the dealing process as half the stress come from the feeling that no one can relate to us.

Next, we got to pretend to be reporters and, guess what! I found that I have communication skills, which is great because I thought I lost it. We were asked to interview a couple of LifeCollege students to ask them about their stresses and how they handled them. in this way, we can. My interviewees were Mr Josh and Miss Ashley. They were very nice but Josh seemed a bit more bookish. It was a nice encounter as we got to learn from their experiences.

By now, we have identified the 4 SEAS of LEARNING toward a well-balanced person. Aspiring toward a fine balance will help one to be more wholesome and more calmly in handling challenges and look at life positively. These 4 SEAS are the Spiritual, Emotional, Academic and Social Learning. To be a well-balanced person we must have all of these components. Why? Simply because you are like a table with four steady legs. But when one of them breaks off even a bit, you must be able to detect it earlier so as to nip it in the bud saving you time, effort and the heartache.

Today, we found out a few skeletons in the closets of some of our members. Only they were brave enough to take them out into the open. For that, they are being admired for. We learned of our perky Farah's mum, mysterious but brilliant Corine's pair of angels, shy but proud Naga's father and their no less important friends.

Then we had several sketches on how to prevent the stains of the cloth of society from happening. By the time we went home most of us were laughing our heads off that I think my father thought we escaped from Tanjung Rambutan or should be put there!

Reported by Ng Shi Hoay

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