We are so surprised that we are actually asked if we wanted to write a report of this gathering. Since we are from Rumah Impian, usually we are given outings, sponsorships and now it’s an opportunity to contribute. With the help of Vee Vien who is a YLI member, we combined our reports.

On 25th November 2006, we reunite once again, after the usual stressful exams. This time, our activity is a dialogue which means we get to talk and talk. Yes, it’s a topic close to our heart: “How to Win Friends?” We need friends to listen to our problems, learn to give and take, enjoy, support and work together. But along with friendship lies many challenges or rather not having friends is itself a problem.

One brave soul by the name of Shi Hoay was the first to open up the subject. “Why most of my classmates have cliques and they don’t seem to want to include me? What more share their private thoughts with me?”

Since we YLI members are like family, we tried our level best to help Shi Hoay. We gave many possible reasons why her friends behaved that way. Maybe, it’s only her perception? Or maybe the way she communicated or projected herself? It seems nothing clicks and then we realize that she’s a deep person who goes beyond being shallow to connect at an emotional level. Wah….so she has to expect there would only be few like that but she should stay the way she is. Though few friends but quality friendship is better than many superficial ones. Not bad huh, for an advice. Now others feel encouraged to open too.

Later we are divided into two groups to actually carry out the solutions through role-plays. This group sharing bond us even stronger, feeling confident and reassured because now we know where and who to turn the next time we have problems especially if our peers cannot help. … to YLI of course!


“A true friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

"While others hear what you say but good friends listen to what you say and don't say."

"You lean on me and I lean on you and we will be okay."

Reported by,

Rita, Ming Ming, Jenny, Wei Wei, Regina, Vee Vien

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