Astro-YLI Free Leadership Workshop “Pressing Social Problems among Youths”


9 March 2008, 9.30am – 1.00pm, Prudential, Jaya 33, PJ.

We had about 70 enquiries including from states like Melaka, Penang & Pahang. The confirmed number coming was 50 youths and parents. However, due to the fact that the day before was Elections, the actual turnout was only 31. Many called to apologised expressing it was wise they stayed indoors. Since we were organisers, we carried on with the "show". Pleasing was the fact that a family of 7 came all the way from Pahang!

Youths ranging from 12-23 years old, put up sketches on pressing social problems among their peers such as gangsterism & rapes. They themselves were surprised at the seriousness of these issues and marvelled at how everyone cooperated so well without any inhibitions although they were new to each other. They were also amazed at the abilities of those 9 youth facilitators who were YLI (Young Leaders International) members.

Concurrently, we held a dialogue with the parents on the alarming statistics of the gravity of the youth social issues. Parents were grateful on the awareness and even discussed animatedly on how to prevent it. later, they watched their children's performance. They commended on the teamwork and social interaction of all the youths. One adult was so surprised and happy that her 3 nieces who were normally very shy and reluctant to participate actually summoned their courage to act.

We ended with an exhibition on the types of youth problems, causes & possible solutions. All in all, the crowd was happy that they turned up & grateful to Astro & YLI and looking forward to more.

Young Leaders International and its patron would like to record our heart-felt gratitude to Astro particularly your team's excellent service in publicising this event. This workshop has indeed raised the awareness level on the need to be socially intelligent too to bring about a holistic development of youths. Thank you so much.

Humbly, Ong Eng Eng, Founder YLI

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